10 Million Euros for Children in Need


C&A and C&A Foundationare proud to announce the renewal of their partnership with the leading independent global children’s rights organisation Save the Children. After the success of the first three-year partnership, C&A Foundation will grant Save the Children an additional €3.36 million per year over the next three years to amplify the scope of the partnership.

One of Save the Children’s key interventions to protect children from harm and stress are Child Friendly Spaces. These protected environments are set up in communities affected by disaster and crisis and give children the chance to play, make friends, learn, and express themselves, helping them to heal from the physical and mental suffering many have experienced.

“C&A and C&A Foundation have a long history of supporting and strengthening communities, with a focus on helping families and especially children wherever we operate,” says Jeffrey Hogue, C&A’s Chief Sustainability Officer and C&A Foundation Board Member. “As a bold advocate for children’s rights and with decades of experience working with children in crisis situations worldwide, Save the Children has the expertise to create Child Friendly Spaces that are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of children. Child Friendly Spaces give back a sense of normality and safety to children and assist them in rebuilding their lives,” says Hogue.

The Global Humanitarian Partnership, formed by C&A Foundation, C&A and Save the Children, was set up in 2015 and focuses on humanitarian response and disaster risk reduction (DRR). The two-fold objectives of the first three years of the partnership were to work strategically with Save the Children to help communities prepare and respond to disasters, and to work with C&A to influence customers and employees to also contribute to efforts being made by Save the Children. In this next phase of the joint partnership, the three organisations will deepen their commitment with regards to DRR and humanitarian response activities, of which Child Friendly Spaces are a crucial element. In addition, they will put a stronger focus on involving C&A employees and customers in supporting the partnership through e.g. promotion programmes, adding resources to further contribute to the joint efforts.

What unites all three partners is the common belief that sustainable change can only be achieved through employing long-term oriented solutions”, says Susanna Krüger, CEO of Save the Children Germany. “The partnership excels because it combines C&A Foundation’s funding potential, Save the Children’s operational expertise and C&A’s global business reach to deliver lasting change for children,” adds Ömer Güven, CEO of Save the Children Switzerland.

"Since 2015, C&A Foundation has partnered with Save the Children to provide life-saving support and safe spaces to children, and to build resilience in urban communities, particularly in the apparel-producing countries in which we operate. We are proud to have supported responses to over 35 emergencies and look forward to building on these early successes in our collaboration in the years to come,” says Leslie Johnston, Executive Director of C&A Foundation.



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About Save the Children

Save the Children, the world's leading independent organization for children’s rights is an established strategic partner for C&A and C&A Foundation. The children’s rights organization was founded by Eglantyne Jebb in 1919. Today Save the Children is one of the strongest and boldest advocates for children’s rights. It provides relief and supports children in need around the world. When crisis strikes, Save the Children is always among the first to respond and the last to leave.

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