UNA maps gender initiatives in Brazil


UN Women and the Womanity Foundation present, in partnership with the C&A Foundation, the UNA Platform, a strategic, interactive and living online guide that maps the Brazilian ecosystem of initiatives and organisations that contribute to gender equality and the empowerment of women in Brazil. The platform launched on 14 June in São Paulo

The growing number of initiatives working with the various aspects of gender equality and empowerment of women points to the consolidation of women's movements and the fight for their right to be respected. From the viewpoint, the UNA Platform proposal intends to promote the results and activities of this ecosystem, providing a systematic view that develops connections and generates knowledge about this issue. 

“The activism of Brazilian women and their capacity for networking have been decisive in advancing the rights of women in Brazil. The UNA Platform registers part of this mobilisation and, by taking it to the internet, has the potential for enabling virtual and real connections between women and other significant agents in the promotion of gender equality,” says Nadine Gasman, UN Women representative in Brazil.

“C&A Foundation believes we need to strengthen civil society organizations and work collaboratively to achieve systemic change. The government, the private sector and various initiatives by civil society have made commitments to minimise inequalities and to empower women. In addition to the efforts underway, the map contributes to the need to take a closer look at promoting networking among the initiatives underway for women’s rights”, adds Giuliana Ortega, Head of C&A Foundation in Brazil (Instituto C&A).

“In addition to the efforts underway, the map contributes to the need to take a closer look at promoting networking among the initiatives underway for women’s rights.”

Executive Director Instituto C&A Giuliana Ortega

The ecosystem covers a wide array of areas of action, grouped into 17 broad topics on the platform. They are: Arts and Culture, Science and Technology, Democracy and Political Participation, Education and Training, Economic Empowerment, Coping with Violence, Equality and Working Conditions, Sport, Indigenous Peoples’ Rights, LGBT Community, Chauvinism, Environment, Food Safety and Agriculture, Media and Communication, Right to Housing, Racial Equality, Peace and Public Safety, and Health and Welfare.

The map shows all 388 initiatives already registered on the UNA Platform, which will be open to new entries from 14 June, the date of the official launch. There it is possible to identify the connections and types of relationships established based on the information provided by the organisations themselves, making it possible to analyse and foster the areas of action detected. 

According to Tiana Vilar Lins, representative of the Womanity Foundation in Brazil, “despite the setbacks we experience, the achievements are undeniable. The UNA Platform is precisely there to accelerate and reinforce progress from the perspective of collaboration”. 

The UNA Platform technology was developed by the group Women Who Code and UFRPE, with survey implementation by IBEAC and ponteAponte, and the pro bono support of Demarest Advogados and J. Walter Thompson Brasil. The project has a dissemination partnership with Abong, Actionaid, CESE, E&Y, Fundo Brasil de Direitos Humanos, Geledés, Instituto Ethos, Instituto Mídia Étnica, Instituto Patrícia Galvão, Movimento Mulher 360, Mulheres do Brasil, Plan Brasil, Rede de Mulheres Líderes para Sustentabilidade and Rede Mulher Empreendedora.

Others interested in joining UNA can register through this link. The platform seeks partners whose initiatives are oriented towards gender equality and joining forces to create a synergy to advance together, connecting with those who are changing reality.

Download the full press release here.