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Spotlight on Maharashtra to emerge as an organic cotton hotspot

Today begins the second edition of Cotton Trailblazers, an International convening held in Nagpur to celebrate organic cotton in India, putting a spotlight on farmers. India is the largest producer of cotton, and accounts for 56 per cent of the world’s organic cotton.Maharashtra...

Sustainable fashion industry ‘possible within 16 years’

Fashion and sustainability global experts point out pathways that can make radical change happen. Experts from across the global fashion industry have painted a bleak future for fashion if we continue with business as usual - but say a sustainable sector is possible within 16 ye...

Better Buying Index Report 2019

Better Buying’s first ever geographic analysis reveals different struggles faced by suppliers around the world, with 38% of Bangladesh suppliers reporting their buyers hold them to last year’s prices, despite inflation and rising wages. Better Buying has released its third repor...

Understanding the impact of circular business models on people

New call for proposals to investigate the financial, health or social impacts of circular fashion business models on women and vulnerable group.

C&A Foundation shares 2018 highlights and lessons learned

C&A Foundation launches the fifth-anniversary edition of its Annual Report, reviewing highlights and breakthrough moments of 2018 and sharing the lessons learned from its first years of grant-making to make fashion a force for good.  “In these five years, we have learned a lot...

New boost for the fashion industry as it prepares for a turbulent decade

Forum for the Future and Centre for Sustainable Fashion launch Fashion Futures 2030, an interactive toolkit exploring how current trends - from climate change to nationalism and AI - could shape fashion in 2030.

Bold policies needed to mainstream sustainable fashion

Waste and pollution from the production of textiles and clothing have become critical global issues. With only one percent of fibres being recycled, the current ‘linear’ model is outdated and unsustainable. There is an urgent need for a strategy to transform industry into a circu...

The Open Apparel Registry launches free, open source, global map of apparel facilities

The Open Apparel Registry (OAR) is an open source tool, mapping garment facilities worldwide and assigning a unique ID number to each. It aims to become the go-to source for identifying all global apparel facilities and their affiliations by collating disparate supplier lists fro...

Pioneering initiative proving new technology to trace organic cotton in textiles

The multi-stakeholder Organic Cotton Traceability Pilot that combines cutting-edge technologies, reaches milestone towards successfully tracing organic cotton through the value chain.

10 Million Euros for Children in Need

C&A and C&A Foundation are proud to announce the renewal of their partnership with the leading independent global children’s rights organisation Save the Children.