C&A Foundation and Fondo Semillas Renew their Partnership



With the renewal of the partnership between C&A Foundation and Fondo Semillas, grassroots organisations in Mexico will continue to receive support for their work to improve working conditions in the Mexican apparel industry.

C&A Foundation and Fondo Semillas have announced the second phase of their partnership, to provide support for better working conditions for women in the apparel industry in Mexico. Through this partnership, which began in 2016, Fondo Semillas provides funding, consultancy and visibility to grassroots organizations.

With 28 years of experience in supporting women’s groups nationally, at Fondo Semillas we believe that strong leadership of grassroots organisations is the key to lasting social change. By supporting them to gradually overcome obstacles, helping them to form strategic alliances and secure resources, we help them to become powerful local agents of change

Laura García, Director, Fondo Semillas

The initiative that Fondo Semillas will lead has three main goals:

  • Strengthening the institutional capacity and impact of woman-led organisations that defend worker rights in the apparel industry.
  • Promoting the development of new alliances for the defence and promotion of worker rights in Mexico.
  • Increasing awareness of the working conditions in the apparel industry and the role of grassroots groups as agents for change.

To reach these goals, Fondo Semillas will provide funding for initiatives that are implemented between February 2019 to July 2020. Between six and eight grassroots organisations will be selected from around the country. Importantly, the organisations must be managed and formed of members of the community, led by women, and free of ties with any political party or religious institution.

Through this partnership, the Defensoras Laborales Unidas en la Maquila (DLUM) project will also be significantly strengthened. Members of this network include Colectivo Raíz from Aguascalientes, the Border Committee of Workers, the Worker Support Center and Obreras Insumisas. Funding will facilitate periodic meetings, hiring external consultants to provide joint planning and conducting actions in the network that promote an impact beyond the towns in which each individual organization works.

“Through this partnership, Fondo Semillas and C&A Foundation seek to improve policies and practices in labour rights at the factories, creating greater female participation in the promotion of better working conditions. It will improve the visibility and capabilities of the grassroots organisations run by women that will contribute to the development of the communities and to transforming the fashion industry in Mexico,” concluded Jill Tucker, Head of Labour Rights at C&A Foundation.