C&A and C&A Foundation win 2018 Employee Engagement Award 


C&A and C&A Foundation have won the 2018 Employee Engagement Award for Social Responsibility for their successful #inspiringworld campaign

2018 was the third year that C&A and C&A Foundation partnered on an employee engagement campaign that supports the C&A Global Sustainability Framework and C&A Foundation’s ambition to make fashion a force for good.  The partnership, called Inspiring World, led to an unprecedented engagement rate of 65% of C&A employees globally (or 32,615 employees) and just over EUR 1 million to organisations focused on creating a better world.   

Between 2015 and 2017, the predecessor to Inspiring World, Inspiring Women, mobilized over 51,000 C&A employees around the world and raised over EUR 2 million for women's charities. And in 2018, C&A and C&A Foundation broadened the scope of the employee initiative by aligning it to the company’s sustainability goals, while keeping the deep personal connection employees had with the campaign.  

The campaign called C&A employees to think of how they can make fashion with a positive impact by asking a simple question: “What’s your dream for a better world for everyone?”. They shared their aspirations and uploaded their story, triggering a EUR 10 to one of several charities.  The charities focused on creating a positive impact on the environment or strengthening local communities by improving the lives of people working in the local textile industry 

The Employee Engagement Awards honours those organisations that put workforce engagement at the heart of their business strategy. This year’s winners demonstrate how far-reaching Employee Engagement and span manufacturing, banking, IT, pharmaceuticals, retail, the NHS, service companies, transport and the sporting world. 

Congrats to the entire IW team who poured their hearts into this inspiring initiative.  We could not be prouder to have been part of the team and to have helped mobilise thousands of employees around the world to create positive impact.   

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