RFP - Mapping Organic Cotton in China


The study is intended to provide a deeper understanding of the organic cotton sector in China and the conditions under which it might be possible to scale up organic cotton production in the country. The outputs from this study are intended to help C&A Foundation and Solidaridad Network Asia to develop an informed programme design for accelerating the production of organic cotton in China.

The study shall:

  • Provide a detailed picture of the current and potential production of organic cotton
  • Analyse opportunities and challenges in organic cotton production in China and
  • Recommendations to overcome challenges in the sector and accelerate organic cotton production in China.


  • Inception report: The inception report shall include a detailed outline of the report and consultant’s methodology and strategy to conduct the research study, preliminary list of stakeholders that the consultant intends to meet or interview and a timeline of activities.
  • Draft report: The draft report will include the findings and analysis on the scope mentioned above.
  • Final report: This report should incorporate feedback from the recommendations and comments made by C&A Foundation and Solidaridad Asia.

Consultant Qualifications

Demonstrated track record of expertise in the cotton sector, especially organic cotton. Minimum 5 years of experience in executing similar assignments. Fluency in English and Mandarin. Consultant based in China preferable.


To apply please download the complete RFP (PDF 500kb) submit the above required information by email to Prashant Pastore, General Manager, Solidaridad Network at prashant.pastore@solidaridadnetwork.org and Lakshmi Poti, Programme Manager, C&A Foundation at l.poti@candafoundation.org by January 25, 2019 (11 PM IST). The winning bidder will be contacted by email.