Call for an Evaluation Team for an Independent Evaluation of the Foundation's Effectiveness


The overarching objective of the Overall Effectiveness Evaluation is: To assess the extent to which the foundation is making progress towards achieving its vision, mission and strategic objectives.

Evaluation companies and / or consulting teams should have the following experience / skills -

Applicants should have relevant expertise in evaluation and subject areas related to the foundations work.

Applicants must have at a minimum the following qualifications


Demonstrated experience in:

  • Multi-country evaluations;
  • Complex and/or systems change evaluation;
  • Organisational performance evaluation;
  • Gender-sensitive evaluation;
  • Evaluation of philanthropic projects and programmes


  • Evaluation team members must have experience working in Bangladesh, India and Brazil. Experience working in Mexico is desirable, with appropriate language skills;
  • Knowledge of fashion supply chain: sustainable materials; working conditions; human rights; additional understanding of emerging areas such as circular economy is desirable, but not a prerequisite;
  • Knowledge of innovation; disaster risk reduction and humanitarian relief is desirable;
  • Excellent facilitation skills and proven ability to lead participatory processes; sense-making and interactive workshops of complex programmes or initiatives;
  • No conflict of interest with C&A foundation; the C&A company or partners funded by the foundation;
  • At least one member of the evaluation team must be a gender specialist.

Companies / teams are permitted to partner with local organisations and individual consultants to gain the relevant country and subject-matter expertise as necessary and appropriate.

See the attached terms of reference for more details. Please contact us directly with any questions of clarification.

Please submit the following to Lee Alexander Risby, Head of Effective Philanthropy ( and cc-ed to Savi Mull (, and João Martinho ( by 16th January 2019.