An Extraordinary Day of Volunteering


This International Day of Volunteers, C&A Foundation and C&A Mexico celebrated together hosting a volunteering event for over 200 C&A employee volunteers in Guadalajara, Mexico. In one day, volunteers delivered 4,000 hand-made emergency hygiene kits to their partner, Save the Children.

When disaster strikes, access to water and hygiene are fundamental for the health and safety of the affected community who become vulnerable to diseases due to poor hygiene. Getting hygiene kits to communities quickly is a crucial part of an emergency response. The 4,000 kits -that include items like soap, tooth paste and brush, diapers, deodorant, shampoo, toilette paper, body lotion, baby towels, powder, comb, antibacterial gel, nail clipper, sponge and more- that are being assembled by the volunteers are assembling kits will be stored by Save the Children so that they are ready to go in the in the immediate aftermath of a humanitarian crisis.

During an emergency, Save the Children also set up Child Friendly Spaces, where children can play, make friends, learn, and express themselves. Here, children can make worry dolls to help them express their feelings. In addition to hygiene products, volunteers will also add a very special worry doll to the kits for children under 2. The “bird of the soul” doll was developed in Mexico by the grassroot organisation BRED, which oversees recycling of unsold C&A garments into worry dolls. Over 2,000 garments were used to produce a thousand “birds of the soul”, giving employment to a group of 30 women. C&A Volunteers finished these hand-made “birds of the soul” during the volunteering event, while learning more about Save the Children’s Child Friendly Space in a live learning experience set up for them.

To complete the kits, volunteers also added hand-written messages of hope and solidarity sent in by C&A employees from one distribution centre and almost 80 stores from all over Mexico.

Since 2015, C&A Foundation, C&A and Save the Children have shared a mission to give children and their families safety, justice and comfort during an emergency. Over 8 million people, half of them children, have been supported through this partnership in 27 emergencies including: the refugee crisis in Europe (2016), the severe drought in the Horn of Africa (2017), the earthquake in Mexico (2017) and Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh (2018). During the National Volunteering Event, an exhibition was held at a photo gallery displaying 20 stunning images showing work done through this partnership for the volunteers to learn about the impact achieved together.

Thank you to all the extraordinary volunteers that came out to celebrate the International Volunteer Day and support children and families!