First-ever Map of Ancient and Endangered Forests Brings Conservation to the Boardroom


Leading forest conservation NGO and C&A Foundation partner, Canopy, launched the first-ever interactive map for identifying ancient and endangered forests, called ForestMapper. This revolutionary online tool is designed to support companies worldwide in making better sustainability decisions when purchasing paper, packaging, lumber and/or viscose fabrics. This unique map can become a vital tool in the global push by brands, governments and conservationists to halt deforestation, advance protection of key forest landscapes and combat climate change. 

Users of ForestMapper can locate ancient and endangered forests worldwide, as well as information on many other ecological values such as biodiversity hotspots, tiger distribution, mammal species richness and intact forests landscapes. In total the map provides 36 data layers and features data at a global scale with regional information on Canopy’s “Landscapes of Hope” such as, Canada’s boreal forest and temperate rainforest and Indonesia’s tropical rain forest.  

The data provided from scientific experts will assist corporate customers, brands, retailers, designers and forest product manufacturers to transition to more sustainable fibre supply chain by providing them with the best available information to identify risk and make informed purchasing decisions regarding fibre sourcing and forest products.  

Approximately 100 companies, including H&M, Kimberly-Clark, Inditex/Zara and DK Books, already publicly support ForestMapper, and are committed to using it to assess and reduce their risk of sourcing from the world’s ancient and endangered forests.  

Businesses that do find risk in their supply chains will be supported to conduct additional diligence with their suppliers, while producers operating in areas that contain ancient and endangered forests are encouraged to work with local partners to establish rigorous conservation planning in the region, such as in the Great Bear Rainforest in Canada. Conservation planning will help identify which areas need to be conserved or restored and which areas will support sustainable forestry.   

Pressure on the world’s forest ecosystems is intensifying, every year, 2.4 billion trees are logged for fashion and packaging alone. ForestMapper breaks conservation science out of the halls of academia and into the boardrooms of the world’s largest corporate consumers of forest products

- Nicole Rycroft, Founder and Executive Director of Canopy.


At C&A Foundation, we are proud to support Canopy and congratulate them for their dedication to the protection of the world’s ancient and endangered forests and we look forward to seeing this pioneering tool revolutionize responsible sourcing of paper, packaging, lumber and viscose fabrics.