#ColaborAmerica the launch for the next phase of “Materioteca"


This past 9-10 November, the largest festival of new Latin American economies #ColaborAmerica took place at Fundição Progresso, in Rio de Janeiro. The two-day event brought together business leaders, politicians, activists and citizens interested in contributing in some way to a more thoughtful and collaborative economic model. The central theme of the 2018 program was “Look at the whole”. 

 It was also the launch of the next phase of the “Materioteca” project, a library that, since 2014, catalogs and analyzes socially responsible materials, products and services available in Brazil. The C&A Foundation is proud to support MateriaBrasil, the company responsible for creating the library. 
Today, every option cataloged online in the “Materioteca” goes through six indicators of socio-environmental responsibility (safety, social-human, life cycle, energy, water and management). The resulting information is published and translated into plain language, as it is often difficult for the general public to understand. 

With this, the project will move from a library to a true platform with a new name: MateriaMundi, which covers the internationalization of the project. 
What makes this new platform unique is the interaction among users, as well as the redesign of the six indicators of socio-environmental responsibility to bring them in line with the principles of the circular economy and to provide both qualitative and quantitative references.  
The enhancement also includes the expansion of the collection linked to the fashion industry, as the tool is focused on that segment. It also enables consumers themselves to make more sustainable choices by cataloging clothing brands that use organic cotton in their garments or footwear companies that use industrial textile waste. 

Check out the out the new platform here.