Call for Evaluators: Sumangali: Eradication of Exploitative Working Conditions in Southern India



Together with terre des hommes Germany (tdh) C&A Foundation is seeking an Evaluation Team for an external evaluation of the initiative “Sumangali: Eradication of Extremely Exploitative Working Conditions in Southern India’s Textile Industry’, managed by terre des homes Germany (tdh) and co-funded by BMZ and  C&A Foundation.

Consultant(s) and consulting teams should have the following experience / skills:

  • Substantial experience in conducting evaluations to a high standard in the region that utilize mixed methods and participatory approaches; 
  • Experience in the evaluations of projects and programmes in the field of gender, forced labour/modern day slavery initiatives and community based development in the international and/or Indian context; and experience in India is preferred;
  •  More than 10 years of experience in international development cooperation with a focus on labour, global supply chain mechanism, gender justice and advocacy;
  •  University degree or comparable degree in the field of community development and gender studies or political science;
  •  Knowledge of the conditions, guidelines and quality requirements for projects funded by the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and C&A Foundation;
  •  Understanding of corporate responsibility, philanthropic programmes and development cooperation preferred;
  •  Excellent fluency (written and spoken) in English and the local Indian language (where the project operates, i.e. Tamil Nadu) is required. At least one member of the evaluation team must speak the local Indian language (i.e. Tamil);
  •  Good knowledge of the country and practical expertise on India (preferably Tamil Nadu);
  •  Willingness to travel to communities where the project operates; and
  •  No conflict of interest with C&A Foundation or BMZ or tdh or Care Trust. 

Please see the attached Terms of Reference for more details and feel free to share further.

Please submit applications to Lee Alexander Risby ( with a copy to Savi Mull ( and Lena Niehaus ( by 7 December 2018.