Fashion Revolution launches first edition of Brazil Fashion Transparency Index


With the introduction of its global Fashion Transparency Index (FTI) three years ago, Fashion Revolution propelled transparency into the spotlight in the fashion industry. Now, the global sustainable fashion movement, is launching the first Fashion Transparency Index Brazil. In this first regional edition of the global report, Fashion Revolution rates twenty major fashion brands and retailers in Brazil based on their own public disclosure of social and environmental policies, practises and impact.

The study examined openly available information from sources such as websites, corporate social responsibility reports and sustainability reports, and evaluated them on: policies and commitments, governance, traceability, knowledge, communication and resolution, and featured topics.

 The ITM in Brazil was conducted by the global and Brazilian Fashion Revolution teams, and in technical partnership with the Getulio Vargas Foundation's Centre for Sustainability Studies (FGVces).

"We hope that the first edition of FTI Brazil will encourage Brazilian companies to communicate how they manage their business and the impacts of its operations, and open a dialogue with its stakeholders. Such initiatives serve as a model and inspiration for other sectors of the Brazilian economy, with challenges that reflect those faced by the global fashion industry,” explains Aron Belinky, leader of the FGVces research team

The Brazilian Fashion Transparency Index shows similarities to the global index, in what brands prioritise. Twelve out of the twenty brands scored high for their policies on human rights, anti-discrimination and forced and child labour policies while only two companies report on carbon emissions and energy reduction. This reinforced the findings from the Global Fashion Transparency Index that companies tended to focus on the company’s values and beliefs rather than on their actual practices and real-life impact.

In Brazil, four brands that were also analysed by the Global ITM in 2017 showed an average year-on-year growth of 38% in their levels of transparency. This detail shows that, in practice, the report encourages brands to publish more socio-environmental information.

C&A Foundation is proud to support Fashion Revolution and the Fashion Transparency Index and believe that it has the potential, as more brands and retailers join, to be a real catalyst for change in the fashion industry. 

We believe that the fashion industry has the power and ability to be a force for the common good, and we understand that the index is a significant tool in fostering transparency and helping us achieve that goal. 

  - Giuliana Ortega, Head of C&A Foundation Brazil


Read the full report here.