Seeking Consultant for the Evaluation of “Advancing Worker Leadership in Supply Chain Monitoring"


C&A Foundation is currently looking for a consultant/team/or company to carry out an external evaluation of the initiative “Advancing Worker Leadership in Supply Chain Monitoring”, initiative implemented by International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF) and funded by C&A Foundation.


Consultant(s) and consulting teams should have the following experience / skills:

  • Experience in conducting evaluations to a high standard in the region;
  • Demonstrated experience in conducting evaluations related to working conditions, gender, and empowerment;
  • Knowledge of supply chain monitoring and transparency; understanding of the current thinking and attitudes around working conditions today;
  • Strong facilitation skills and proven ability to lead participatory processes;
  • No conflict of interest with C&A Foundation, C&A company orILRF;
  • At least one member of the evaluation team must be a gender specialist.

Please see the attached Terms of Reference for more details and feel free to share further.

The deadline for proposals is 5 October 2018. Please send all proposals to João Martinho (