Seeking Gender Justice learning partner for Circular Transformation Team

C&A Foundation is seeking a Gender Learning Partner to build the capacity of our existing and future partners, as well as the foundation’s staff, in addressing gender and intersectionality in circular economy. 



C&A Foundation is a corporate foundation that aspires to a fair and sustainable fashion industry in which everyone can thrive. The foundation works to address deeply rooted sustainability challenges of the industry by supporting initiatives, and by partnering with key stakeholders to maximise results.

The Circular Transformation team at the foundation aims to build a fashion sector that is inclusive, restorative and regenerative by design. It has recently developed its theory of change to achieve this goal, and centres around two strategies; accelerate the implementation of business models for circular fashion, and create the conditions that facilitate the circular economy.

We work with a number of partners who use diverse strategies to accelerate the industry’s transition from linear to circular.  Our partners include Fashion for Good, Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemistry and Ellen MacArthur Foundation to name a few.

The foundation recognises that to fundamentally transform fashion into a force for good, we must address gender inequality and apply a gender lens to all of our programmes. To date, there has been limited work in the field of gender and intersectional justice and circular economy. As such, it is unclear how circular economy initiatives working at an industry level can have a positive impact on men and women throughout the supply chain and in the markets where companies operate. We want to take steps to bridge this gap in understanding, leading to actions and measurable results in the portfolio.



C&A Foundation is seeking a Gender Learning Partner to build the capacity of our existing and future partners, as well as the foundation’s staff, in addressing gender and intersectionality in circular economy. Ultimately, we aim to ensure that circular economy does have a positive impact on men and women. We will do this by building the field of knowledge around the impact of circular economy in fashion on men and women.


Scope and Activities

The Gender Learning Partner will:

Advise 5-7 current and future partners on how to apply gender and intersectional justice lenses to their work

Convene a small group of stakeholders to gain deeper insights, identify potential areas of intervention for the foundation, and explore how partners can develop a gender and intersectional approach to their work and what specific actions they can take

Build the capacity of the C&A Foundation Circular Transformation team to support partners in integrating a gender and intersectional lens into their work (e.g. through training and applied learning such as proposal reviews)

Support the process of scoping for a gender and circular economy impact study/research to be started in 2019

Support in refining the gender relevant key performance indicators and strategies within the Circular Transformation team’s theory of change and finding appropriate partners

Give input and feedback on other pieces of work related to gender and intersectionality and circular fashion e.g. communications articles, blog posts, presentations etc.


Consultant Requirements, Level of Effort and Location

  • Applicants must have at a minimum the following qualifications:
  • Background in, or familiarity with, circular economy, systems change, development economics or related concepts
  • Knowledge of environmental sustainability or circular economy initiatives in the apparel sector
  • Expertise in gender justice and intersectional equity
  • Proven ability in advising and supporting NGOs, foundations and multi-stakeholder initiatives or industry associations to integrate a gender and intersectional lens into their work to build actionable plans (i.e. practical steps, not just theoretical)
  • Willingness to travel as necessary
  • Excellent verbal and written skills (in English), with ability to design and facilitate workshops
  • No conflict of interest with C&A Foundation

The estimated level of effort is expected to be around 36 working days over one year starting in  October 2018. It is expected that most of the work will be conducted remotely from the Consultant’s base. Any in-person meetings with C&A Foundation will take place in Europe (generally Amsterdam or Switzerland), and the location for a convening of stakeholders would be defined in accordance with the participants.


Expressions of Interest

We invite interested parties to submit a 2-page (maximum) expression of interest to Ilan Vuddamalay ( by 15th September 2018. The expression of interest should include:

Proposal of activities and timeline

Organisational background including relevant experience for this assignment

Cost estimate (in euros)