Materiateca - the materials library

Since 2014, the free platform and database “Materiateca” has been cataloguing and analysing socially and environmentally responsible materials, products and services available in Brazil. As part of our circular fashion programme in Brazil, C&A Foundation is partnering with MateriaBrasil, the company responsible for the platform

“Every option catalogued online goes through six indicators for social and environmental responsibility. The resulting information is published and translated into plain language, as it is often difficult for the general public to understand. Our goal is to provide parameters so that users can make informed decisions on their impacts,” explains Materiateca director Manuela Yamada.

The project between MateriaBrasil and C&A Foundation aims to improve the Materiateca tool, including a redesign of the six social and environmental responsibility indicators to align them more with the principles of the circular economy and providing both qualitative and quantitative references.  In addition, the project will expand the collection linked to the fashion industry. 

“Materiateca is a great contribution to fashion, as it gives stylists and designers a place to find solutions that have a positive impact.”

     Materiateca Director Manuela Yamada Manuela Yamada

“The project promotes a connection between suppliers, creators and end users to warm up the market. So, the more we can rethink the way we consume and grow our businesses, the better our chances to live in a society that is more in tune with the environment and with others,” says Manuela.

 The tool is designed for professionals with ties to the fashion industry, but it also enables consumers themselves to make more sustainable choices, as it catalogues clothing brands that use organic cotton in their garments, or footwear companies that use industrial textiles made from waste. 

“We believe that if we act on this basis, we create a cascade effect. The Materiateca is a great contribution to fashion, as it gives stylists and designers a place to find solutions that have a positive impact depending on their needs, as well as parameters to base their choices on depending on the needs of the project. In addition, for the end customer, the Materioteca is a place where they can find brands that are already working to change sustainability in fashion,” concludes Manuela.