C&A Foundation launches 2017 Annual Report


C&A Foundation’s Annual Report 2017 is a strong call to action to join the movement to transform the apparel industry.


Zug, Switzerland, 21 June 2018. C&A Foundation published its fifth annual report, not only sharing progress in 2017 and insights from its grant-making, but making a strong call to action to industry players.

Leslie Johnston, C&A Foundation Executive Director makes a clear call for collaboration: “We know that the challenges in our industry are deep and require equally deep pockets, patience, and real collaboration - not more talking shops. If you are a funder, join us. If you are an NGO, talk to us. If you are a brand or retailer, help us understand how philanthropic capital, with its high-risk appetite and long-term view, can catalyse change. And together, we can positively transform this industry”.

To facilitate and foster this collaboration, the report shares insights around five main questions:

  • How can we make the industry work positively for all the people and ecosystems it touches?
  • How can we grow the organic cotton market and improve farmers’ livelihoods?
  • How can we create working conditions that change millions of people’s lives for the better?
  • How can we break down the entrenched barriers that keep people trapped in forced and child labour?
  • How can we build resilient communities where people can thrive?

The report also features highlights from the year 2017, where transparency continued to be a major theme across C&A Foundation’s work, encouraging behaviour change from governments, brands and retailers, and factories. Other levers also emerged in 2017 including advocacy. Johnston explains: “Increasingly, we find that advocacy –particularly for better policies –is critical to the positive change we want to see”.

Highlights of the report include: 

  • €65.5 million in co-financing has been committed since 2015 by other donors leveraging C&A Foundation’s industry wide impact on accelerating sustainable cotton, improving working conditions, fostering a transition to circular fashion, and strengthening communities.
  • The launch of Fashion for Good, an innovation platform and a convener for industry change. Currently, six brands have come on board as sponsors, including: adidas, C&A, Galeries Lafayette, Kering, Target and Zalando. It has welcomed 15,405 visitors at 150 community events, and most importantly, Fashion for Good supported 39 innovations across raw materials, cut-make-trim, wet processing and end-of use.
  • C&A Foundation’s initiatives are supporting around 40,000 cotton farmers, of which approximately 8,000 are women, to convert to organic agriculture. Of the 8,000 women farmers, 290 are in leadership roles across the world.
  • In Bangladesh, C&A Foundation partner Awaj Foundation signed 6 of the country’s 10 collective bargaining agreements, leading to improvements above and beyond what’s required by law, such as a 7-8% wage increase and 15 days of sick leave.
  • C&A Foundation partner Anti-Slavery International (ASI), in collaboration with civil society groups, advocated for the European Parliament to strengthen its approach on forced labour, with a focus on gender and children’s rights. In September 2017, the EU passed a resolution on the impact of international trade and EU policies on global value chains, which encouraged more transparency on EU customs data.
  • C&A Foundation partner Missão Paz – a Brazilian NGO working to integrate and celebrate immigrants and refugees – worked with other civil society organisations to help the government develop a new Migration Law to replace the previous stricter immigration law that was enacted during Brazil's military regime. The new law came into force in November 2017.
  • Through its long-time partnership with Save the Children €10.8 million of funding has been used to support over 4 million people worldwide. Additionally, since 2015, C&A has raised over €3 million from customers and employees through cause-related marketing and other in-store campaigns in Europe and Mexico.


C&A releases its 2017 Global Sustainability Report

The launch of C&A Foundation’s 2017 Annual Report coincides with the release of the 2017 Global Sustainability Report of its corporate partner C&A. The fashion retailer reports strong performance towards its 2020 sustainability goals in its report, and announces its achievements and commitments with focus on its products, its supply chain and employees.

Together, the two reports paint a picture of how C&A and C&A Foundation work shoulder to shoulder to make fashion sustainable and responsible, pushing the industry to become a force for good.

Read the C&A Foundation Annual Report: www.candafoundation.org/ar2017

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C&A Foundation is here to transform the fashion industry. We give our partners the financial support, expertise and networks so they can make the fashion industry work better for every person it touches. We do this because we believe that despite the vast and complex challenges we face, we can work together to make fashion a force for good.


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