Can Bangladesh be a transparency leader?


Meeting brings participants from all levels of the supply chain together to motivate action and stimulate discussion on leadership

15.11.2018 - Today, approximately 50 participants representing all levels of the apparel supply chain in Bangladesh - from workers and manufacturers, to brands and retailers, government, and NGOs- are coming together for the second time to discuss transparency.

One year ago, C&A Foundation and it partners brought the same set of stakeholders together in a ground-breaking format where, workers, manufacturers and NGOs spoke openly with peers within brands and government.  For many it was the first time they interacted with one another and had a dialogue around the challenges and opportunities of greater transparency from their various perspectives.

This time, C&A Foundation, the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) and BRAC are hosting a dialogue that will not only focus on the evolution of transparency within the sector in Bangladesh, but also on how the country can become a leader within the entire industry.

“We really want to explore how Bangladesh can embrace transparency and position themselves global leader in apparel.”

Co-organiser of the event Naureen Chowdhry

Speakers including Sarah Ditty, from Fashion Revolution, and Basirun Nabi Khan, from H&M’s Bangladesh Regional Office, will set the scene with a panel on the current state of supply chain transparency and a brand experience. While representatives from the Bangladeshi government and the ILO will explore what has happened in Bangladesh so far. Debbie Coulter, from ETI, and Doug Kahn, from Better Buying, will also highlight the business case for transparency and transparency in buying practise.

But most importantly, participants will be encouraged to work together to tackle the main issues facing the industry in Bangladesh today: what actions must be can be to foster transparency in the country, and how can Bangladesh position itself on the cutting edge to really become a leader.

For more on the meeting see: or read about last year’s event, Cotton2Cloth.