Triple Pundit kicks off series on forced labour


Despite decades -- centuries even -- of global efforts, forced and bonded labour can still be found around the world and throughout various supply chains. C&A Foundation has teamed up with Triple Pundit to explore the different types of forced and bonded labour and highlight industries where this practice is still occurring today.

Particularly, Triple Pundit will examine the fashion industry and have a look into the entire apparel supply chain: from the cotton fields of Uzbekistan to homes in India where often bead work is done by children far too young.

They will also examine what governments and brands are doing to halt this disturbing practice -- and what they should be doing.

In the first article of the series, Nithin Coca, explores the basics of forced labour in the garment industry and how, despite good intentions, it still finds its way into global supply chains.

The articles on forced and bonded labour are part of a three-part series, sponsored by C&A Foundation, aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of the deep and complex challenges facing the fashion industry today. The first part examined the sustainability of cotton, and the second highlighted transparency and traceability in apparel supply chains.