Aid to Drought-Affected India

As the severe water crisis continues to affect millions of people across India, C&A Foundation is supporting its global humanitarian partner, Save the Children, with €175.000 of seed funding. This initial capital will help provide emergency relief items, as well as support water and soil conservation and recovery. The drought has left many without drinking water, food and jobs leaving families to deal with illness and hunger, and children vulnerable to being left behind as parents migrate to find work in other regions of India. As the situation is so widespread and due to the continuous nature of drought crises, Save the Children is focusing its work on reaching the most vulnerable populations over the next 6 months. They will provide short and medium term aid in 40 villages in Maharashtra and Telangana and aim to reach around 10,000 people. Emergency relief items will include sun shades, oral rehydration sachets, water purification sachets and cash transfers. Further work will be done to help safeguard longer term recovery, including soil and water conservation measures. Importantly, they will be linking their activities to the ongoing government efforts.