Annual Reports

Our yearly update on our work and the lessons we've learned


 Annual Reports

Read our 2017 annual report, in it you will find that we're openly sharing the lessons we’ve learnt from our successes and our failures.

Annual Report 2017

2016 Annual Report

Our 2016 annual report explores our focus on finding and supporting initiatives that create significant change, well beyond our own direct influence.

2015 Annual Report

Our 2015 annual report focuses on on the solutions we're working on to make the fashion industry more fair and sustainable.

2014 Annual Report

The 2014 annual report investigates three major challenges in the apparel industry: improving the lives and livelihoods of smallholder cotton farmers, eradicating forced labour in the supply chain, and enabling just and dignified working conditions.

2013 Annual Report

2013 was the launch of the C&A Foundation. In the first annual report, we would like to share some of our initiatives over the past year, as well as our ambitions for the years to come.