Collective bargaining agreements: an effective tool for worker led action

C&A Foundation is committed to making improved working conditions and wages for every man and woman in the apparel industry a reality. We believe in the power of supply chain transparency through credible, accessible information for systemic change. Change in the industry, howe…

New boost for the fashion industry as it prepares for a turbulent decade

- Forum for the Future and Centre for Sustainable Fashion launch Fashion Futures 2030, an interactive toolkit exploring how current trends - from climate change to nationalism and AI - could shape fashion in 2030.

Bold policies needed to mainstream sustainable fashion

- Waste and pollution from the production of textiles and clothing have become critical global issues. With only one percent of fibres being recycled, the current ‘linear’ model is outdated and unsustainable. There is an urgent need for a strategy to transform industry into a circu...

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Our annual reports provide a yearly update on our work, the lessons we've learned, insights from our grant-makings how we're using the power of fashion to transform lives.

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