RFP - Developmental Evaluation of the Good Fashion Fund

C&A Foundation and Fount (Fund Manager) call for proposals for a Developmental Evaluation (DE) of the Good Fashion Fund (GFF). The GFF was set up in mid-2019 to invest in the adoption of high-impact and disruptive technologies, and circular innovations in the apparel and footw…

Spotlight on Maharashtra to emerge as an organic cotton hotspot

- Today begins the second edition of Cotton Trailblazers, an International convening held in Nagpur to celebrate organic cotton in India, putting a spotlight on farmers. India is the largest producer of cotton, and accounts for 56 per cent of the world’s organic cotton.Maharashtra...

Sustainable fashion industry ‘possible within 16 years’

- Fashion and sustainability global experts point out pathways that can make radical change happen. Experts from across the global fashion industry have painted a bleak future for fashion if we continue with business as usual - but say a sustainable sector is possible within 16 ye...

Annual Reports

Our annual reports provide a yearly update on our work, the lessons we've learned, insights from our grant-makings how we're using the power of fashion to transform lives.

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