Simple innovations to support organic cotton farming 

Brazil is the world’ fifth largest producer of cotton. And while smallholder farmers drive the production of organic cotton, it remains less than 1% of total cotton production.  C&A Foundation believes this must change.   We support initiatives that help smallholder organic fa…

Pioneering initiative proving new technology to trace organic cotton in textiles

- The multi-stakeholder Organic Cotton Traceability Pilot that combines cutting-edge technologies, reaches milestone towards successfully tracing organic cotton through the value chain.

10 Million Euros for Children in Need

- C&A and C&A Foundation are proud to announce the renewal of their partnership with the leading independent global children’s rights organisation Save the Children.

Annual Reports

Our annual reports provide a yearly update on our work, the lessons we've learned, insights from our grant-makings how we're using the power of fashion to transform lives.

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