Assessment of Child Labour in the Apparel Industry in Mexico

  For the first time in the Mexican State of Guanajuato, an assessment on child labour in the shoe and apparel industry has been conducted to put child labour on the state agenda. We are proud to announce this initiative is part of a new partnership with the 'Network for Child…

Understanding the impact of circular business models on people

- New call for proposals to investigate the financial, health or social impacts of circular fashion business models on women and vulnerable group.

C&A Foundation shares 2018 highlights and lessons learned

- C&A Foundation launches the fifth-anniversary edition of its Annual Report, reviewing highlights and breakthrough moments of 2018 and sharing the lessons learned from its first years of grant-making to make fashion a force for good.  “In these five years, we have learned a lot...

Annual Reports

Our annual reports provide a yearly update on our work, the lessons we've learned, insights from our grant-makings how we're using the power of fashion to transform lives.

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