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How to become a Partner

ADM Capital Foundation

Research the key challenges faced by Chinese fashion manufacturers.

Africa Fashion Guide LTD

Sponsorship of Fashion Africa Conference 2017.

ArtEZ University of the Arts

Sponsorship of a two-day conference presenting c research and a wide range of critical fashion practices to help redefine the fashion industry as a force for good.

Bangladesh Apparel Exchange Ltd

Sponsorship of Bangladesh Fashionology Summit 2019


Expand transparency information in north and southeast Asia to reduce environmental impacts of the apparel supply chain.


Support CanopyStyle to engage with brands and viscose producers, and look for alternative sources of fibre to support circular economy initiatives.


Support a collaborative campaign to drive the production of sustainable viscose for the apparel industry.

Circle Economy

Support brands to overcome the internal and external barriers of implementing a circular business model by guiding them through a Circular Innovation Process.

Circle Economy

Expand the "Circle Textiles Programme" to establish a commercial and scalable model to "close the loop" on textiles.


Inspired collective, corporate action by mobilising millennials to become more sustainable consumers.

Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute

Revise the "Social Fairness and Water Stewardship" criteria of the newest version Cradle to Cradle Certified standard (Version 4.0).

Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute

Increase the accessibility of high-quality, actionable data about chemicals to companies, to enable positive decisions earlier in the design process.

Support brands to overcome the barriers of implementing a circular business model by guiding them through a Circular Innovation Process, as part of the Bridging the Gap group.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

 Make Fashion Circular - a pre-competitive collaboration for industry leaders to stimulate the change needed to create a circular textiles economy.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF)

Develop an action plan towards a "circular fibres economy", through systems analysis and engagement of a core group of partners.

EON Group Holdings Inc

Write a draft standard for digital identification of apparel and footwear products to enable an apparel and footwear recycling, repair, rental and recommerce.

Forum for the Future Asia Pacific

Support Circular Leap Asia which enables apparel companies in Asia to pilot circular business models.

Glasgow Caledonian University New York

Support of the Fair Fashion Centre and their efforts to empower apparel companies to embed sustainable business practises across business functions.

GreenBiz Group, Inc.

Sponsorship (supporting-level) of Circularity 19

Holland Circular Hotspot

Sponsorship of Holland Circular Economy Week 2018.