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We fund initiatives that have the potential to create long-term change. Click through the list of our current grants to see more.

How to become a Partner

Anti-Slavery International

Support the initiative "European Action to Reduce Forced and Child Labour in Global Supply Chains."

Center for Global Development

Researching "beyond aid" solutions for Rohingya refugees and host communities in Bangladesh

Evidence Aid

Strengthen evidence-based practice in the global humanitarian sector.

Fashion Revolution CIC

Support for Fashion Revolution to develop and scale a transparency index to rate global brands on their level of public disclosure.

Global Fund for Women

Establish a collaborative to strengthen organisations working to end gender-based violence against women apparel workers in South Asia.

Global Labour Justice

Sponsorship of women leaders from different countries (India, Mexico, and others) to participate in ILO's second phase negotiations towards a convention and recommendation on gender-based violence.

Just Solutions Network Ltd

Promote social dialogue in the workplace to local stakeholders and global brands in the Myanmar RMG sector.

Sourcemap Inc.

Develop a global map of apparel factories with the aim of becoming the go-to source on supply chain relationships, collating disparate factory lists into one central, open-source map, listing factory names, address and affiliations. 

ZDHC Foundation

Accelerate and scale ZDHC's global impact by demonstrating the enabling role of chemistry, strengthening ZDHC organisational capacity, deepening geographical support in target regions/countries, and driving continuous improvement in the industry.