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transform the industry

We fund initiatives that have the potential to create long-term change. Click through the list of our current grants to see more.

How to become a Partner

SMART Myanmar

Connect women garment workers in Bangladesh and Myanmar to share methodologies on skills development and rights awareness.

Smile Education and Development Foundation

To foster inter-communal harmony through building community resilience against rumours and hate speech.

Social Good Brasil

Enhance human skills and exponential technologies so that more people and organizations can work to solve society's problems, contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS).

Solidar Suisse

Strengthen collective bargaining of worker-led democratic institutions and especially women workers, through the use of publicly disclosed data.

Solidaridad Network

Support the "Better Mill Initiative" to reduce the environmental impact of wet processing in China.

Solidaridad Network

Develop, implement and systematise a model of cotton production based on family farming that is resilient in semi-arid conditions and can be scaled and replicated in other regions.

Solidaridad Network Asia Limited

Establish an organic cotton hotspot in Maharashtra by engaging 15,000 farmers and other stakeholders.

Solidarity Center

Research, advocacy, and action to combat gender based violence in the apparel sector.

Sourcemap Inc.

Develop a global map of apparel factories with the aim of becoming the go-to source on supply chain relationships, collating disparate factory lists into one central, open-source map, listing factory names, address and affiliations. 

South Asian Network on Economic Modeling (SANEM)

Asses the needs of displaced workers in Hazaribagh, Bangladesh after the government closed down tanneries. 

Start Up Mix

Enable talent to create and take an active roll in the implementation of a circular fashion sector.

Sustainable Apparel Coalition

Support the creation of a five-year strategic plan for the Social and Labour Convergence Project.

Sustainable Apparel Coalition

Improve the Higg Material Sustainability Index (Higg MSI), to help product designers to make better, less impactful choices at the product development stage.

Sustainable Brands

Support for the sustainable fashion hub, giving visibility to the issue and to our partners. Discussions on: Trends (Malha, Sustainable Fashion Lab, Gender and Blockchain).

TechnoServe Inc.

Investigate the potential for a viable and thriving organic cotton sector in Tanzania.

Terre des hommes Deutschland

Improve the livelihoods of migrant cotton workers in India.

Terre des hommes Deutschland

Expand rehabilitation services for former bonded labourers, and carry out advocacy India.

Textile Exchange

Strengthen the ability of Textile Exchange to collect and disseminate data on organic cotton supply and demand.

The Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law

Designed and launched the "Living Wage Innovation Challenge" to identify and support new ways to address unjust wages in the apparel sector.

The Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law

Support the professional facilitation required to launch a new multi-stakeholder initiative to improve factory working conditions.