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Investor Watch

Use Planet Tracker to identify, quantify and work to rectify the disconnect between the capital markets and the sustainability of natural boundaries, in this case within the textiles value chain.


Enhancing sustainable cotton production initiatives in the Cerrado biome in socio-ecological production landscapes, and developing community projects.

Jan Sahas

Address forced and child labour in an effort to eliminate it in the cotton supply chain in Madhya Pradesh, India.


Assess the impact of an online platform to provide information on companies' social and environmental practices.

Just Solutions Network Ltd

Promote social dialogue in the workplace to local stakeholders and global brands in the Myanmar RMG sector.

Kabil Professional Services Private Limited

Research on identifying appropriate institutional structures for farmer collectives in India to manage community financing mechanisms.

Kadinlarla Dayanisma Vakfi

Pilot an initiative to the test effectiveness of empowering women in order to reduce child labour amongst refugees in Turkey.


GHG estimation of organic cotton cultivation.


Enable workers' to speak out anonymously about their working conditions in garment factories in Turkey using mobile phone technology.


Use mobile phone technology to collect workers' insights to combat forced labour and human trafficking in Turkey.

Latin American Solidarity Foundation

Develop, implement and systematise a model of cotton production based on family farming that is resilient in semi-arid conditions and can be scaled and replicated in other regions.

Liberty Shared

Organisational Support to Liberty Shared

London Waste and Recyclig Board

Design and implement circular business model pilots with leading brands/retailers and sharing publicly key parameters of the business cases.

M Myanmar Agri Ltd.

Test imported seeds with farmers and government, as well as creating an organic farming group.


Reveal through new insights how circular retail business models can improve mental well-being of young women.


Develop trend reports and co-brand courses designed to disseminate innovations in new, sustainable and collaborative fashion.


Improve the online and open source platform that acts as a knowledge hub and a benchmark for choice and transparency on responsible manufacturing and consumption of materials and products in various sectors.


The ColaborAmerica festival aims to inspire, connect and create new economic models in Latin America.

Microfinance Opportunities

Collect and disseminate detailed information on the financial lives of garment workers in Bangladesh.


Integrated approach aimed at improving the living conditions, access to rights and working conditions of immigrants, with a focus on vulnerable and exploited Latinos in the workplace, particularly in the fashion sector.