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We fund initiatives that have the potential to create long-term change. Click through the list of our current grants to see more.

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OnionDev Technologies Pvt Ltd

Provide a voice-based social media platform to enable worker organisations in India to reach greater numbers of workers, enable knowledge exchange and opportunities for collective effort.

Organic Cotton Accelerator

Remove barriers to increase organic cotton production and strengthen market demand through a multi-stakeholder platform.

Oxfam GB

Address the needs of the Rohingya refugees focusing on access to water, sanitation, protection and food security.

Partners in Change

Help school children influence the public procurement system in Delhi (NCR) and improve transparency in business practices to address child labour in the domestic apparel supply chain (particularly in the school uniform sector) 

Pesticide Action Network, UK

Commissioned a case study on the use of pesticides in conventional and sustainable cotton.

Popular Education Research Group (Maquila Solidarity Network)

Support for MSN, to strengthen labour movement in Mexico, including capacity building for grassroots organizations, advance the transparency agenda among brands, forge leadership of women workers, and continue the analytical work on the implementation of Mexico Constitutional Labour Reforms.  


Enhance women workers´ working conditions and lives in Mexico.

Proyecto de Derechos Economicos Sociales y Culturales

Strengthen the leadership of women that work in the garment industry to improve their working condition and defend their human rights.

PUM Netherlands senior experts

 Create a study to determine the best approach to reduce pollution and improve working conditions in Savar Tannery Industrial Park, Bangladesh.

PwC India

Commissioned a case study on the Drip Irrigation Programme in Gujarat, India.

Rare Inc.

Accelerate organic cotton cultivation in China by helping farmers make the transition, through skills training and enhancing market access.

Rede Asta

This initiative aims to empower female artisans and seamstresses so that lack of knowledge or awareness around human relations and rights issues does not become a barrier to their autonomy.

Rede Asta

Pilot test of implementation of the NEST compliance programme for seamstresses working in small production and/or domestic settings, in order to ensure better working conditions.

Rede de Desenvolvimento Humano - REDEH

Empower and promote the autonomy of women apparel workers so they can collectively organise themselves to challenge adversity and common challenges in the lingerie and swimwear production hub of Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro.

Redes da Maré

Warm-up for the Women of the World.


Inclusion of forced & child labour within the fashion industry in Guanajuato’s political agenda


Support of Remake in their goal of bringing garment workers and fashion designers together to create empathy across the supply chain.

Reporter Brasil

Train educators and social workers to assist immigrants and prevent slave and child labour.

Royal Holloway

Study and analyze the scalability of Business Case Initiatives in Bangladesh.

Save the Children India

Combat child labour in cotton production in Madhya Pradesh.