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How to become a Partner

Save the Children Switzerland

Support the emergency response to the earthquakes in Mexico.

Save the Children Switzerland

Promote the creation of decent employment opportunities for vulnerable youth in Bangladesh by supporting the capacity building of informal employers.

Save the Children Switzerland

Respond to emergencies and building resilience of communities to better cope with future crises through disaster risk reduction training.

Saxion University of Applied Science

Perform an academic life cycle analysis on chemically recycled fibres.

Saxion University of Applied Science

Research opportunities for chemical recycling of cotton fibre.


Support the creation of a Hotspot program to combat forced labour in São Paulo

Sense Organic Import and Trading GmbH

Support the training of smallholder farmers in Myanmar on organic cultivation practices.

sequa gGmbH

Upscale the usage of an app for garment workers in Myanmar, through which the workers can learn about their rights.

Serene Secular Social Service Society

Capacity building to extend their work in the community

Sheva Nari O Shishu Kallyan Kendra (SHEVA)

Facilitation of a Worker Advisors Panel pilot project.

Shimmy Technologies, Inc.

Commissioned a feasibility study to determine whether teaching digital skills to garment workers can unlock new work opportunities in the face of automated garment production.

SMART Myanmar

Connect women garment workers in Bangladesh and Myanmar to share methodologies on skills development and rights awareness.

Smile Education and Development Foundation

To foster inter-communal harmony through building community resilience against rumours and hate speech.

Social Good Brasil

Enhance human skills and exponential technologies so that more people and organizations can work to solve society's problems, contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS).

Sociedad Mexicana Pro Derechos de la Mujer, A.C.

Improve working and living conditions for women workers in Mexico (phase II).

Solidar Suisse

Strengthen collective bargaining of worker-led democratic institutions and especially women workers, through the use of publicly disclosed data.

Solidaridad Network

Support the "Better Mill Initiative" to reduce the environmental impact of wet processing in China.

Solidaridad Network

Develop, implement and systematise a model of cotton production based on family farming that is resilient in semi-arid conditions and can be scaled and replicated in other regions.

Solidaridad Network Asia

Establish an organic cotton hotspot in Maharashtra by engaging 15,000 farmers and other stakeholders.

Solidarity Center

Strengthen skills and foster the capacity of trade union federations and factory-level leaders to enhance negotiations and collective bargaining through the understanding and utilization of publicly available data.