We believe that to fundamentally transform fashion into a force for good, we must address gender inequality and violence against women. In everything we do, we fight for the rights of women and girls.

Women play key roles in cotton farming, but rarely hold influence in their households, in the fields or in producer organisations. Women factory workers make up 80% of the workforce, but are mostly relegated to unskilled jobs based on gender stereotypes, and are far less likely to be promoted than men. They are also paid less for the same work.

In the informal sector, where a large proportion of women work, they have no contracts or access to union representation, and they are especially vulnerable to low wages, excessive hours, and exploitation.

In March, we want to celebrate the hardworking women of the fashion industry.  These are their stories.

Meet the hardworking women behind the fashion industry

Immigrants must follow their dreams

An immigrant herself, Soledad now dedicates her life to helping others like her.


More than cotton

With her extra income, Banubai the cotton farmer's wife, is investing in her farm.

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You must educate your children

Sahaya Mary worked in the fields until three years ago, when she began working in the Madha reeling unit.  As a mother of four, Sahaya realises the importance of a good education.

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Meet Aklima

Together with her father, Aklima works at garment factory in Dhaka. What she loves the most is spending time with her sisters.


The most stimulating challenge of my life

Volunteer, Cristiane, finds happiness in learning from children