Giuliana Ortega

Head of Instituto C&A

I lead the Brazilian team and oversee the implementation of Instituto C&A plans in accordance with our global strategy. I believe that by using the power of collaboration we can transform the fashion industry in Brazil.

Daniela Pavan

Coordinator, Employee Engagement & Mobilisation

I am here to enable employee engagement in Brazil. I believe that engagement comes from people’s desire to contribute to the common good. It is genuine and in their hearts. And when people are truly engaged, they can make social change happen.

Gabriela Santiago

Assistant, Employee Engagement & Mobilisation

My job is to support the volunteer program in Brazil. I believe that social participation is a powerful force to mobilise society and create change.

Janine Schultz

Coordinator, Education

I coordinate our early childhood and full education grants. I’m proud of being part of those initiatives because I believe education is the foundation people need to be able to exercise their rights.

Jessica Oliveira

Assistant, Education

My work is to help with administration of the education grants. I do this because I believe that quality public education is the path to social change.

Joana Castello Branco

Communications Manager

Change will only happen if people believe fashion can be a force for good. I’m here to build awareness and inspire action in Brazil so everyone can take their part in transforming the fashion industry.

Margarida C. Lunetta

Programme Manager, Sustainable Raw Materials

I’m responsible for driving our efforts in sustainable raw materials in Brazil. My belief is that we will only achieve systemic shifts towards sustainability in the fashion industry by joining the efforts and commitment of all industry players.

Melissa Becerra

Strengthening Communities Specialist

My job is to develop corporate volunteering activities and coordinate the donations in kind in Mexico. I think that when C&A employees are engaged with our cause, we can contribute to generate a positive impact in our community. I believe that all of us who work at C&A foundation are key to reach our goal of changing the fashion industry.

Patricia Barroso

Strengthening Communities & Communications Manager

I lead the Strengthening Communities Programme in Mexico and Communications strategy in Spanish language. I am passionate for what I do because it allows me to keep in touch with all involved parties, experience change first hand and story tell in an emotive way how a true and lasting change in people’s lives is happening.

Patricia Lacerda

Programme Manager, Education, Art and Culture

I believe that investing in education is crucial to develop the potential of people so they can transform their own livelihoods. That is why I am inspired and proud to head our efforts in education, art and culture in Brazil.

Ricardo Santos

Assistant, Instituto C&A

I am here to help organise the Bazaar event in Brazil. This initiative has the power to engage volunteers and help several communities in emergency situations across the country.

Solange Martins

Coordinator, Administration & Finance

My work is to ensure that administrative and financial procedures are in place in our office in Brazil. Transparency on social investment is a public right and crucial to build trust and understanding among partners and the society.

Stephen Birtwistle

Programme Manager, Supply Chain Innovation & Transformation

I lead the Working Conditions and Forced & Child Labour programs in Mexico. I am proud to be part of a corporate foundation that aims at improving its own industry, as I believe in companies that advocate for Human Rights across supply chains and transform workers´ lives.

We believe that fashion can be a force for good.
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