Leslie Johnston

Executive Director

I feel honored to lead such an extraordinary team of committed and experienced professionals, all working toward a better world. I do this for the millions of women and men who work the fields and the factories that make the clothes we wear.

Giuliana Ortega

Head of Instituto C&A

I lead the Brazilian team and oversee the implementation of Instituto C&A plans in accordance with our global strategy. I believe that by using the power of collaboration we can transform the fashion industry in Brazil.

Anita Chester

Head of Sustainable Raw Materials

I lead the development and implementation of our sustainable raw materials strategy. Because resources are finite and using raw materials comes with an environmental and social burden, I truly believe that we need to change our current paradigm. I am proud to do my part towards reducing the industry’s footprint and helping to unlock new value in materials.

Brandee Butler

Head of Gender Justice & Human Rights

I drive the Foundation’s work to advance the rights of women and combat forced labour, child labour, and human trafficking. I believe everyone has the right to just and dignified working conditions, and take great pride in partnering with human rights advocates, women’s rights organisations, and social entrepreneurs to make this a reality.

Jill Tucker

Head of Supply Chain Innovation & Transformation

I spearhead the foundation’s efforts to improve working conditions for garment workers across the industry. I’m here because I believe that transforming fashion into a force for good means fundamentally changing the status quo - changing relationships and the way that things have always been done. We have the mandate and guts to support organisations that are doing this difficult and important work.

Lee Alexander Risby

Head of Impact & Communications

I lead our monitoring and evaluation and communication efforts. I’m inspired by the knowledge that if we are open about our successes, failures and what we are learning - and communicate them with clarity - we can help this industry to be sustainable.

Anindit R. Chowdhury

Programme Manager, Gender Justice & Human Rights

I manage our programmes to ensure women’s rights and combat forced labour, especially in Asia. I believe that, together with our partners on the ground, the foundation can change the global apparel supply chain so that millions of women can have fair and just working conditions.

Carolina Caracas

Programme Manager, Supply Chain Innovation & Transformation

I lead our working conditions programme in Mexico, supporting initiatives aimed at advancing the human rights of garment workers. I’m inspired by their hard work, getting up every day to make a living for their loved ones. They have the right to work and live with dignity.

Cristiane Felix

Specialist, Institutional Development & Networks

My job is to help build the skills and capacities of the social organisations and networks we work with, helping to building the field in Brazil. I believe that strengthened social organisations are better able to promote change and that through collaboration they can bolster social development in the country.

Daniela Paiva

Assistant, Programmes

I give administrative support to the institutional development and the sustainable raw materials teams. I believe society can only get better when individuals are open to their own development and this inspires me to do my part to helping the teams make this happen in Brazil.

Daniela Pavan

Coordinator, Employee Engagement & Mobilisation

I am here to enable employee engagement in Brazil. I believe that engagement comes from people’s desire to contribute to the common good. It is genuine and in their hearts. And when people are truly engaged, they can make social change happen.

Devika Bhat

Assistant to the Head of Sustainable Raw Materials

I believe each one us is responsible for making a positive impact on the people who make our clothing. I am proud to do my part working to support the efforts of the Sustainable Raw Materials team in Asia.

Fernanda Simas

Assistant to the Head of Instituto C&A & Programmes

My role is to provide administrative support to the Head of Instituto C&A and the programme managers, so that they can develop our programmes in Brazil. I love what I do because I believe that together, we can positively impact the environment we live in.

Frauke Gorosabel

Grant Administrator

I am here to provide the processes, systems and data needed to efficiently manage the foundation’s large number of initiatives around the globe. It is inspiring to support my talented colleagues, working with a clear idea of how to change the fashion industry for good.

Gabriela Santiago

Assistant, Employee Engagement & Mobilisation

My job is to support the volunteer program in Brazil. I believe that social participation is a powerful force to mobilise society and create change.

Ilan Vuddamalay

Programme Manager, Employee Engagement & Humanitarian Assistance

I manage our global programmes in employee engagement and humanitarian assistance, and I work with the sustainable raw materials team on environmental issues. I believe that people, employees and businesses have a duty to act in a way that benefit others around us, and in doing so will set the example for future businesses.

Ipshita Sinha

Programme Manager, Sustainable Raw Materials

I manage our sustainable cotton programme, especially across Asia and Africa. I believe that market-based solutions can address development challenges at scale. I test this belief daily by exploring new models and solutions for improving farmer livelihoods and conserving the environment.

Janaina Jatobá

Programme Manager, Institutional & Programmatic Development

I am here to build synergy and alignment into the work of Instituto C&A’s programmes in Brazil. I do this because I believe that dialogue and learning are key for our organisational and leadership development.

Janet Ho

Assistant, Supply Chain Innovation & Transformation

I'm here to assist the supply chain innovation team in Asia to achieve their big goal, which is to improve the working conditions of the workers in the apparel industry.

Janine Schultz

Coordinator, Education

I coordinate our early childhood and full education grants. I’m proud of being part of those initiatives because I believe education is the foundation people need to be able to exercise their rights.

Jessica Oliveira

Assistant, Education

My work is to help with administration of the education grants. I do this because I believe that quality public education is the path to social change.

Joana Castello Branco

Communications Manager

Change will only happen if people believe fashion can be a force for good. I’m here to build awareness and inspire action in Brazil so everyone can take their part in transforming the fashion industry.

Khatuna Kazarashvili

Coordinator, Employee Engagement & Humanitarian Assistance

I coordinate the employee engagement programme with C&A. I truly believe that motivated and engaged employees can become ambassadors who represent and stand behind our core values, helping to transform the apparel industry and helping the business to prosper.

Maeve Galvin

Programme Manager, Supply Chain Innovation & Transformation

I manage several of our grants in Asia that help factory workers, helping to bring much-needed transparency to the supply chain and ones that help to empower workers to achieve improvements that matter to them. I do this because I’m passionate about finding and supporting ground-breaking ideas that can bring meaningful change to the garment industry.

Litul Baruah

Analytics Officer, Sustainable Raw Materials

I manage the data collection, analysis and research activities for our sustainable raw material programmes in Asia and Africa, in order to support programme design and delivery. I also support sustainable cotton programmes in India specifically. I believe that addressing market failures and creating market-based solutions are effective ways to develop that provide long term economic and environment sustainability.

Malini Toubro

Assistant to the Executive Director

I am here to ensure that our Executive Director has what she needs to efficiently do her job. This inspires me because I know that in supporting her, I am doing my part to transform our industry. Plus I love to work with international teams.

Margarida C. Lunetta

Programme Manager, Sustainable Raw Materials

I’m responsible for driving our efforts in sustainable raw materials in Brazil. My belief is that we will only achieve systemic shifts towards sustainability in the fashion industry by joining the efforts and commitment of all industry players.

Megan McGill

Programme Manager, Sustainable Raw Materials

I’m managing our strategy for circular apparel. I believe that healthy environments and material re-utilization are fundamental in protecting the livelihoods of apparel workers and the future of this industry.

Mirjam Beeler

Assistant, Grant Administration

I manage our grants database and support our teams in the grant making process – from contracting to payments. I am convinced that the fashion industry has to be transformed so that everyone along the supply chain can thrive and I feel I am contributing to making this happen.

Naureen Chowdury

Programme Manager, Supply Chain Innovation & Transformation

I manage our working conditions grants in Bangladesh. I believe that the way to create long term improvements in the textile industry is to aim big and set up initiatives in collaboration with other industry stakeholders. Initiatives with quantifiable results can self-finance and become sustainable after the initial push, and can be replicated.

Patricia Barroso

Strengthening Communities & Communications Manager

I drive our employee engagement and local community programmes in Mexico, and I run the communications strategy. I am passionate about what I do because I believe we have the will and the means to bring stakeholders together to reveal the great story that lies behind this industry to create profound change in people’s lives.

Patricia Lacerda

Programme Manager, Education, Art and Culture

I believe that investing in education is crucial to develop the potential of people so they can transform their own livelihoods. That is why I am inspired and proud to head our efforts in education, art and culture in Brazil.

Ricardo Santos

Assistant, Instituto C&A

I am here to help organise the Bazaar event in Brazil. This initiative has the power to engage volunteers and help several communities in emergency situations across the country.

Sarah Ong

Programme Manager, Supply Chain Innovation & Transformation

I support grantees who are amplifying the voices of garment workers, and making the industry more transparent. By shining a light on the reality of factory conditions we can guide and motivate the industry to make improvements that matter most to workers.

Savi Mull

Evaluation Specialist

My job is to ensure we are able to measure results in a robust way and to learn what works and what doesn’t. I believe that we must be able to provide evidence of our achievements towards meeting our goal in order to make fashion a force for good.

Solange Martins

Coordinator, Administration & Finance

My work is to ensure that administrative and financial procedures are in place in our office in Brazil. Transparency on social investment is a public right and crucial to build trust and understanding among partners and the society.

Stefan Bakker

Social Media Specialist

I give C&A Foundation and its partners a voice through our social media channels. I believe online engagement with our audience is key to being more transparent and raising awareness to further industry change.

Stéphanie Bischof

Team Assistant

My role is to ensure that administrative matters are running smoothly. I do this because I want to relieve the team so they can focus on their important work in order to make fashion a force for good.

Stephanie Iten

Team Assistant

As a team assistant my job is to make sure that all administrative issues are covered. I like my work because it is a wonderful team and that works hard to ensure that the people who make our clothes are respected and treated fairly.

Stephanie Klotz

Senior Communications Manager

I drive our communications globally. It’s my job to make sure that we are speaking with one clear and unified voice. Because only then we will be able to tell the powerful stories that will rally efforts to transform our industry.

We believe that fashion can be a force for good.
If you do too, send your CV to communications@candafoundation.org