Our mission is to spark change so that the women and men working for the fashion industry can thrive.  Not just live better lives, but thrive.  We put them at the heart of everything we do.  And it is them we want to celebrate with our new Instagram channel.

Over the past year, we have partnered with some of the most gifted photographers and storytellers in each of the regions where we work. Through regular visits, our photographers not only take pictures but they capture stories. Through their cameras, we have taken a peek into the lives of the people behind the clothes and those who participate in our programmes.  We have been able to experience their joy and pain. And we have been able to see what the fashion industry means to them.

With our Instagram channel, we can now share those experiences with you.

Meet Aklima

Together with her father, Aklima works at garment factory in Dhaka. What she loves the most is spending time with her sisters.


You must educate your children

Sahaya Mary worked in the fields until three years ago, when she began working in the Madha reeling unit.  As a mother of four, Sahaya realises the importance of a good education.

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Wisdom rooted in Customs

Juana opens her home, her traditions and her cooking with us.

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Returning to their roots

Organic farming is a return to traditional ways of farming

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The most stimulating challenge of my life

Volunteer, Cristiane, finds happiness in learning from children