Meet Aklima

Posted by C&A Foundation on Nov 23, 2017

Together with her father, Aklima works at garment factory in Dhaka.  This is her first job as an assistant in the sewing section.  

“When I applied they thought I was under 18 years of age. There were three medical investigations to make sure that the factory was not taking an under-age worker. They looked at my teeth, “ says Aklima.

What Aklima most loves is spending time with her sisters.  “I have two little sisters at home, as well as my grandmother and my parents.  I love my time with my siblings; their demands never end,” says Aklima as she carefully applies liner to her little sisters’ eyes. “We have plenty of time during the weekend and I love watching TV with my family too.”

“I love spending time with my siblings. Their demands never end”

Aklima, garment worker in Dhaka

Aklima's photographs were taken by Mahmud Rahman.  His images launch C&A Foundation’s new Instagram page, which focuses on the lives of the women and men who work in the garment industry as seen through the eyes of local photographers.

Mahmud has captured vivid portraits of garment workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh, while working for C&A Foundation.  His storytelling document our signature programme to improve working conditions in garment factories.  Through his photographs, he brings a sharper focus and insight into the hopes and struggles of the people behind our clothes.

We will be featuring the work of five different photographers, starting with Mahmud’s collection. 

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