Second Earthquake Hits Mexico

by C&A Foundation on Sep 20, 2017

Within days of the first devastating earthquake in the southern part of the country, a second more-destructive tremor hit Mexico.  With a magnitude of 7.1, the quake has left the cities of Puebla, and Mexico City paralized as dozens of buildings collapsed and the death tolls rises. 

C&A Foundation has moved quickly to liberate funds to our long-term humanitarian partner, Save the Children.  In addition to the funds that have already been sent for the relief efforts in Oaxaca, we have now pledged an additional EUR 1 million for Mexico.  This donation will go to both the recovery efforts in Oaxaca, as well as the immediate first aid needs in Mexico City.

Since 2015, C&A and C&A Foundation have been partnering with the global children’s charity Save the Children to deliver humanitarian aid in emergency situations.  Thanks to this long-term, multi-million euro partnership, in such crises we are able to quickly and effectively support Save the Children with the much-needed funds it needs to start work on the ground.

As of last Sunday, September 10, Save the Children has been in Juchitán, Oaxaca in the worst affected areas of the city, operating with a team of 15.  They are working with the Office of Civil Defence and offering psychological and social support to children in child-friendly spaces in shelters and hospitals.  Save the Children is also a member of the national emergency committee both at the state and municipal levels and they are working to expedite the renewal of healthcare and educational services for affected children.

In emergencies, children are often the most susceptible to injury, exploitation, abuse and other dangers. Child-friendly spaces are safe spaces where children are cared for and protected, and offers parents some respite to take care of their family situation.  These spaces are vital to the recovery of children, taking care of their unique needs offering activities, games and informal education.

In the coming hours and days, as the situation in Mexico City becomes clearer, Save the Children will be assessing the immediate needs and how they can best support ongoing efforts. If you would like to make a donation to Save the Children’s efforts in Oaxaca please go to directly to their Mexican website (in Spanish):