Call for Proposals – Can public data transform the fashion industry?

by Working Conditions Team on Aug 31, 2017

The fashion industry is becoming more open about the conditions in which apparel is made. A growing number of industry initiatives and clothing brands are publicly releasing information including the names and locations of factories, working conditions and safety information, what workers earn, their living costs and more.

At C&A Foundation, we believe that a more transparent industry is better for workers. But we know that transparency only contributes to improved working conditions when public information is used to increase accountability. Stakeholders must take responsibility for their choices and their consequences.

Recognising this, we are looking for partners with innovative new ideas that use public, or soon-to-be public, information to improve apparel sector working conditions by:

  • Enabling effective negotiation and collective bargaining by workers and their representatives and/or;
  • Advocating for policy improvements on working conditions and/or;
  • Improving the enforcement of existing laws and policies on working conditions.

In addition, as we consider gender equality as fundamental to transforming the apparel industry, all concepts should consider the specific needs of women and how these can be addressed.

If your organisation has an idea or concept that might meet these requirements, you can download the full request for proposals and application template here.

You can apply by sending your completed template to by 17:00 PST on 1st October 2017. Applications will be evaluated against the listed criteria, innovation, cost-effectiveness and organisational capabilities.

We are really looking forward to hearing your ideas, and are excited to find new partners to take transparency in the fashion to the next level, creating tangible improvements in our industry.

Update 20 September 2017: Thank you to all those who have submitted clarifying questions regarding this RFP. You can find a summary of all questions and answers here. Please note: Q&A is now closed. We look forward to receiving concept notes, no later than 5pm PST on 1st October 2017.