Being human: the impact on the modern workplace

by C&A Foundation on Sep 07, 2017

Human rights barrister and author, Dexter Dias QC, will reflect on human nature and its importance to the modern workplace at Impactt’s Building Worker First Supply Chains conference during his keynote later this month.

Intriguingly, he will also be talking to the audience about goby fish, in the context of the research published in his recent book, The Ten Types of Human.

“I’m using my research to better understand and deconstruct some of the problems in the modern workplace. Why do humans hurt other humans and what can we do about it?  The story of human behaviour is told through 10 types of human, but the two that are most relevant to this conference are The Tribalist and The Ostraciser,” explained Dexter.

The Tribalist is inbuilt. We’re social animals and it’s natural to want a sense of belonging, to form cliques and tribes that share common ground. This translates well to the modern workplace and can be used very productively.

“It’s important to understand and find solutions on how systems take place and grow in the modern workplace.”

Author of "The Ten Types of Human," Dexter Dias

“But the flip side is The Ostraciser - destructive distancing of individuals and groups. The Ostraciser exists from human societies all the way down to fish, and the incredible goby fish is a specific example. Gobies are tiny and monitor one another’s weight constantly, ostracising fish that gain too much weight,” added Dexter.

The conference’s aim to bring together industry leaders, suppliers, NGOs, brands and workers from across the globe he says is important. “Social enterprise doesn’t have to be about egoistic gain. This conference is reflecting on the more constructive and healthier options and possibilities that we can all learn from.”

Read more about Dexter’s book here.

More information and to register to the conference:

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In his 25 years as a human rights lawyer and part-time judge, Dexter Dias has been instructed in some of the biggest cases of recent years involving human rights, murder, terrorism, crimes against humanity and genocide. He has been instrumental in changing the law to better protect young women and girls at risk of FGM and works pro bono internationally with survivors of modern-day slavery, human trafficking and violence against women and girls. He is a prize-winning scholar of Cambridge University, where he is a Visiting Researcher, and has also had a research residency at Harvard.  He has written reports for and advised UN agencies, and sits as a part-time Judge of the Crown Court with special authorisation to try cases of Serious Sexual Offending.  He was finalist in Liberty and JUSTICE’s prestigious Human Rights Lawyer of the Year Award, when he was nominated for ‘his outstanding commitment to the rule of law and justice for all; for his deep devotion to ensure that the voices of the weakest in society are heard’.