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How to become a Partner

World Wide Fund for Nature – India

Improve farmer livelihoods and promote biodiversity conservation through organic cotton cultivation in forest corridors of Madhya Pradesh, India.

WTT - World Transforming Technologies

The main objective of the initiative is to identify, evaluate and implement technological, social and business innovations to overcome the challenges facing the family farming of organic cotton.

ZDHC Foundation

Create and support the InCheck Tool, to help manufacturers create a chemical inventory that helps assess risk and source better chemicals.

ZDHC Foundation

Develop and promote a disclosure platform to reduce discharge of hazardous chemicals from textile factories.

ZDHC Foundation

Support for ZDHC's strategy to enable the garment industry to achieve zero discharge of hazardous chemicals.

ZDHC Foundation

Accelerate and scale ZDHC's global impact by demonstrating the enabling role of chemistry, strengthening ZDHC organisational capacity, deepening geographical support in target regions/countries, and driving continuous improvement in the industry.