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We fund initiatives that have the potential to create long-term change. Click through the list of our current grants to see more.

How to become a Partner

ABA Rule of Law Initiative

Advance workers’ access to labour justice and rights to non-discrimination, freedom of association, and payment of remuneration owed, with a principal focus on the apparel and textile sector.


Strengthening and expanding the ABVTEX Certification Programme, promoting greater legitimacy and credibility for the Programme, and fostering greater transparency in the industry.

Aconsa A.B.

Size Matters: Scalability of business case programs in the garment industry.

Action for Social Advancement

Improved farmer livelihoods through organic cotton production in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Action for Social Advancement

Managed the Organic Cotton and Fairtrade Secretariat in Madhya Pradesh, India.

ADM Capital Foundation

Research the key challenges faced by Chinese fashion manufacturers.

Africa Fashion Guide LTD

Sponsorship of Fashion Africa Conference 2017.

Aga Khan Foundation

Transition of marginal, tribal farmers to organic cotton production in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Aga Khan Foundation

Provide loans from a community-managed fund to smallholder cotton farmers in India to install dip irrigation units for improving water use efficiency.

Aga Khan Foundation

Promote Better Cotton production practices using water efficient farming techniques.

Aid by Trade Foundation - Cotton Made in Africa

Promote sustainable production in Africa identifying locally available and efficient bio-pesticides and promoting their uptake.

Aliança Empreendedora Association

Programme that promotes decent working relationships in the textile sector with Latin American immigrants, through entrepreneurship.


To develop and implement technology able to trace the production of clothing, ensuring respect for decent working conditions.

American Institutes for Research in the Behavioral Sciences (AIR)

Assess the socio-economic impact of three cotton cultivation systems - BCI, conventional and organic cotton on smallholders in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Anti-Slavery International

Support the initiative "European Action to Reduce Forced and Child Labour in Global Supply Chains."

ArtEZ University of the Arts

A two-day conference presenting cutting-edge research and a wide range of critical fashion practices to help redefine the fashion industry as a force for good.


Identify and nurture social entrepreneurs working to transform the apparel industry through the "Fabric of Change" partnership.

Awaj Foundation

Empower women leaders in the apparel sector, through advanced training in negotiation and advocacy.

Awaji Foundation

A knowledge exchange between the advocacy groups in Myanmar and Bangladesh on advocacy practices for working women in garment industry.

Bangladesh Center for Workers Solidarity

Empower workers, especially female workers, to use social media as a tool to organise and raise their collective voice.