How our grants work

Our four-step grants programme helps develop your idea into a fully funded initiative.

1 - Source

We’re always on the lookout for new initiatives that can transform the fashion industry. We use our network of existing partners to identify bright ideas and figure out how they fit into our existing programmes. We look carefully at the context of programmes. We go over the evidence and trends, and try to find the gaps where new ideas and actions are needed to transform the industry. This allows us to see our programmes and your idea in context, and imagine how they’ll work on the ground.

2 - Design

We’ll help you develop your idea from a concept and turn it into a proposal for an initiative. We look closely at each proposal to make sure it fits well into our programmes. And we give advice and technical help to make sure you get the support you need to deliver results.

3 - Delivery

We use reporting systems to track your progress and, if we need to, help with any challenges along the way. We work closely with you and your team throughout the implementation phase.

4 - Evaluation

We want everyone to have the chance to learn from other people’s initiatives. So we share initiative and programme evaluations. That way, we can all see what works and what doesn’t. Through the reports we receive from you, we’re able to work with you to find your successes and challenges. Then we can see which initiatives can be scaled and maximise the effect of our collective resources for positive change.

How we work with you

We want your initiative to bring lasting change to the people you work with and the communities you support. That's why we ask all our grantees to measure their results and submit regular reports so we can see what works and give you extra guidance.

You can find our monitoring and evaluation policy here and the minimum requirements here.

These three principles will guide your initiative:

1 - Scope

We work with you before you get your grant to determine what you’ll need and the reporting method that best suits your initiative. We help you set measurable results that will drive the delivery of your initiative.

2 – Accountable & transparent

By monitoring your initiative’s performance, we can help you keep it on track and find ways to make it even better. We’re committed to open reporting – that means sharing what we do with others to help them and their work.

3 – Relevant Reporting

We know you are busy doing industry-changing work, which is why we make reporting relevant to your initiative. Our report framework takes your context into account, and we do our best to only ask the right questions. We evaluate your data and provide you with feedback quickly so that you can update your plans accordingly.