You'll find the answers to most questions in our FAQs. For anything else, get in touch with us.

How is C&A Foundation different from C&A?

C&A Foundation is here to fund and collaborate with individuals, brands –including, but not exclusively, C&A- platforms and NGOs in order to make the entire fashion industry work better for the people who make our clothes.

C&A, the global fashion retailer, is run and managed separately from C&A Foundation, but the two entities share a vision for the apparel industry. C&A's sustainability team is dedicated to fashion with a positive impact and to reach their sustainability goals, C&A collaborates with many key stakeholders including C&A Foundation. For more information on C&A's work in the area, visit the C&A Website or read C&A's Global Sustainability Report.

C&A works on improving their own supply chain, while C&A Foundation pursues making the entire industry a force for good. By having access to actors in the C&A supply chain, like factories, C&A Foundation can test, replicate and scale promising initiatives.

How do I apply for a grant?

Send us a concept note, following the concept guidelines

Can I send you extra information or material to support my funding application?

To make the process as simple as possible, please only submit the information requested in the concept and proposal guidelines.

Can I still submit my funding proposal if it has nothing to do with your existing programmes and goals?

Unfortunately, no. We only accept proposals that relate to our current goals or programmes.

Are individuals eligible for grants from the C&A Foundation?

Unfortunately, no. We only work with groups and organisations at this time.

Will you support my fundraising activities?

We don't make donations to people raising funds, but we wish you the best of luck with your campaign

Can I submit a grant proposal using my own format or template?

We recommend everyone follows our concept and proposal guidelines. It helps us work more efficiently and cuts down on any reworking of your concept or proposal in the future.

What documents will I need to submit?

Applicants must submit two documents:

  1. Concept note – adhering to the concept guidelines
  2. Detailed proposal – with background analysis, a problem statement, objectives and approach, a budget and a monitoring and evaluation framework.

For help on filling these in, read through our concept and proposal guidelines.

How much time will I have to spend on submitting concepts and proposals?

The amount of time it takes to develop proposals varies depending on the complexity of the proposal. We'll work closely with you to make the process as quick as possible.

How soon can I expect a response from you?

The length of the review period varies. But we aim to give you feedback within three weeks of receiving your concept or proposal.

The actual approval timeline, once you've filled in all the documents, depends on the meeting schedules of both the Investment Committee and Board of Directors.

The Investment Committee meets in January, April, July and October of each year. The Board of Directors meets in June and December of each year.

Who makes decisions on proposals?

All proposals are reviewed by our Investment Committee and if positively assessed, proposed to the C&A Foundation's Board of Directors for approval.

What happens after my proposal is approved?

Within one week of the Board of Directors' meeting, our grant managers will contact you and share a draft contract for you to look over. We need signatures from both parties. That contract specifies your initiative's start date, payment schedule, and reporting requirements.

How does the foundation measure results?

During the design phase, our grant managers will work with you to co-develop a robust monitoring and evaluation framework. This includes:

  1. Expected results (outputs and outcomes)
  2. The logical relationship between the results and our objectives
  3. Details on how results will be measured and reported throughout grant lifecycle, from the time projects are approved to when projects are closed.

As part of this, we may offer you some support to help monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your programme.

Please note that as a grantee, it's your responsibility to send us reports and evaluations when we ask. These requests may be ad hoc, annual or when you have completed your initiative. In every case, we'll give you guidance to help you gather the information.

For large grants, we may commission an independent external evaluation.